Third-grade reading tests for achievement standards such as the National Common Core standards typically cover vocabulary, reading comprehension, interpretation and reading to perform tasks. The tests consist of stories ... More » Education Standardized Tests

First-grade reading tests measure early reader skills, including basic comprehension, phonics and sequencing. Each state has its own guidelines and test evaluation criteria, and standardized testing often begins at highe... More » Education Standardized Tests

The Pearson Education website offers online reading tests for all grades, including third grade. The tests are free, and there are instructions regarding how to grade them in a similar fashion to the grading on an actual... More » Education Standardized Tests
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The North Carolina Public School End-of-Grade practice test covers reading comprehension in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, content and consumer categories, and mathematics for third to eighth grade. As of October 2015, no... More » Education Standardized Tests

Second grade reading tests typically include questions that test reading comprehension of a story or phrase, word meaning and usage, and application of key facts and words in written answers. Second grade reading questio... More » Education K-12

The TerraNova tests and assessments are standardized tests, which allow educators to compare the achievement of groups of students to state and national standards. For example, the TerraNova Common Core tests and assessm... More » Education Standardized Tests

There are various adult reading comprehension tests available, both online and in print. The Literacy Information and Communication System website,, lists the Adult Basic Learning Examination, Adult Measure ... More » Education Standardized Tests