There are many sources where a person can find facts about penguins, including books on birds, National Geographic, on television shows like Discovery that feature different animals and the Smithsonian Magazine. Many of ... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Stupid things a person can do when bored include trying not to think about penguins, pretending he is a robot and seeing how long he can hold a note. Another stupid thing a bored person can do is blink his eyes rapidly a... More » Hobbies & Games Jokes

Penguins are flightless birds native to the Southern Hemisphere. They range from Antarctica to the Galapagos Islands, which straddle the equator. Penguins eat fish, krill, squid and other small marine animals. More » Pets & Animals Birds Penguins

To eliminate sparrows, eliminate any possible food and water sources that attract the birds, and then exclude the birds from their preferred nesting areas. Exclusion techniques should be used only when eggs or young bird... More »

Fat is a great, high-calorie food for all kinds of birds, especially in winter, when other nutrient-dense food sources such as insects and berries are in short supply. Most garden supply and pet stores offer commercial s... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Blue jays are bright blue corvids with black beaks that live in the Eastern and Midwestern North Americas, according to National Geographic. These birds mate for life and act as seed disbursal animals that bury seeds and... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Mourning birds are mostly found in the United States, southern Canada and Central America. Males generally have the same colors as females. They build flimsy nests that are transparent enough for onlookers to see the egg... More »