To make Thing One and Thing Two costumes, attach blue fur to a hair elastic or headband, a pair of red spandex, and a red shirt or dress. Using shirt transfer paper or fabric markers, imprint the Thing One and Thing Two ... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Sewing

Two things influence the amount of friction on an object: the force that is pushing the two materials together and the nature of the surfaces of the two materials. Various interactions between these two aspects can produ... More »

A metaphor is a direct comparison between two things that are not like one another but are considered essentially linked in some way. A familiar thing is compared to something unfamiliar to improve the understanding of a... More » Education Homework Help

To create a spandex superhero costume you need a spandex top and bottom or a one-piece spandex suit, cloth to create the superhero logo, a pair of scissors, and glue or sewing material. Decide which superhero you would l... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Sewing

Mertailor offers mermaid tails made of spandex and polyester, silicone, and spandex-Lycra blends. Mertailor also offers a mermaid tail skin made out of dragon-skin silicone. More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Sewing

Clothing companies mix cotton and spandex fabrics to get the softness of cotton and the flexibility and durability of spandex. Cotton is a natural fiber; spandex is a man-made fiber. Together, they create a hybrid that i... More »

The main advantages of spandex used in clothing are that it is lightweight, flexible and stretchy. These traits make it comfortable to wear and easy to care for. For these reasons, spandex is a popular and common materia... More »