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Generally speaking, thermostats work by using a mercury switch that is in contact with a thermometer wire to trigger a temperature-adjustment lever in response to the expansion or contraction of the wires as they are heated or cooled. The expansion and contraction of th...


Reliable reviews on Carrier A/C thermostats are available online on the Amazon, WebHVAC and Consumer Affairs websites as at 2015. Many customers who reviewed the thermostat appreciate its high-tech features, though some complain that it is expensive and hard to use.


A communicating thermostat is an equipment that can transmit sensory and control information to other heating, ventilating and air conditioning devices wirelessly. It can either have its own power or can be powered by a battery.


A heat-only thermostat is a temperature-regulating device that is compatible with a single heating source only. It is generally used with a baseboard heating system or a forced hot air unit. A heat-only thermostat is not compatible with cooling systems, such as air-cond...


Reviews of Honeywell thermostats can be found from numerous respected sources, including Amazon.com, Best Buy and The Home Depot. As of 2015, the Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat has received good reviews, acquiring over four stars on Amazon.com and The Home Depot and 4....


An electronic thermostat is one that uses heat-sensing receptors to gauge the temperature in a home, then uses those temperature readings to switch the heating and cooling equipment on or off as needed. They are generally programmable, making it easy to regulate a home'...


A refrigerator thermostat is a device that turns the compressor on and off to maintain the correct temperature inside the appliance. The thermostat is designed to keep the refrigerator's interior between 36 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal temperature is 40 degrees.