The Thermos company website offers coolers, which can be used in place of traditional ice chests, in several styles, including backpack style, duffel style and a classic 24-can cooler. Coolers offered under its Raya bran... More »

To make an ice-chest air conditioner, cut two holes in the lid of a large Styrofoam cooler filled with ice packs so that one hole holds a downward-facing fan while the other holds a PVC pipe. When the fan is turned on, c... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

Obtain replacement parts for Thermos coolers by contacting the company's customer service team at 800-831-9242. Send defective units and components, along with a written explanation of the parts needed, directly to the m... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Outdoor Adventure Camping
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There are four-burner, three-burner and portable Thermos gas grill models that are manufactured by the Char-Broil company as of 2015. They are all constructed with stainless steel. The four-burner model outputs 48,000 BT... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

One place to find contact information for GE Capital is directly through the company's website. The "Contact Us" Web page on the GE Capital website allows new business customers, existing business customers and consumers... More »

To place an initial order with McMaster-Carr for industrial goods, visit the company's website and place an online order. Alternatively, contact the company directly at its sales and customer service phone number. Existi... More »

A Thermos is made by encapsulating an airless vacuum between two steel or glass walls. This vacuum inhibits heat transfer between a liquid kept within an insulated glass container in the vacuum area and the outer case th... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials