An undertaker's roll is to prepare a body for the embalming process as well a prepare the body for a funeral service if necessary. When an embalming takes place, an undertaker cleans the body, injects embalming fluid int... More » Science Forensic Science

A family undertaker is a professional mortician who works in a funeral home that has been operated by his family. The funeral home is usually defined by the family name. More » Education

To become an undertaker, complete your education in mortuary sciences, complete one to three years of an apprenticeship, study for and pass the national licensing exam, and pass the state exam, if necessary. Update your ... More » Business & Finance Careers
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The purpose of embalming is to preserve the tissues in the body and delay decomposition. Many people choose embalming because it helps the body look more life-like for public viewing purposes at a funeral or memorial ser... More » Science Forensic Science

A polygraph test can be passed by manipulating the body's response to control questions. A participant's lies are only considered lies when they register a higher response than control questions. The results can therefor... More » Science Forensic Science

Regular fingerprinting methods conduct tests and make records of finger and thumb prints of an individual, while DNA fingerprinting tests the deoxyribonucleic acid of a person, which is located within the nucleus of all ... More » Science Forensic Science

Biometric devices are security measures that use an element of a person's unique biological properties to identify him, rather than a more easily copied identifier such as a password. Biometric devices typically use a co... More » Science Forensic Science