DNA ligase is an enzyme that repairs irregularities or breaks in the backbone of double-stranded DNA molecules. It has three general functions: It seals repairs in the DNA, it seals recombination fragments, and it connec... More »

Deoxyribonucleic acid, often called DNA, has a primary function of storing the genetic data of the cell. Without DNA, cells could not function and would not be able to replicate to ensure the survival of an organism. More »

DNA ligase is an enzyme that creates phosphodiester bonds to join complementary DNA strands. It occurs naturally in the body. Scientists use DNA ligase to engineer recombinant DNA. More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA
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The molecules that make up the backbone of DNA are deoxyribose and a phosphate group, according to the Physiology Department of the University of Illionis at Chicago. Deoxyribose is a five-carbon sugar. The phosphate gro... More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA

Two components make the backbone in DNA, being the deoxy-ribose and phosphate molecules. These molecules link together in a staggered pattern where the deoxy-ribose and phosphate molecules follow one another, like the ba... More »

According to The Tech Museum of Innovation, DNA is soluble in water because the sugar and phosphate molecules that make up the DNA backbone are hydrophilic. DNA bases are hydrophobic but are protected from the water by t... More »

DNA has a slightly negative charge due to the presence of phosphate groups found in the sugar-phosphate backbone of a DNA molecule. In addition to a phosphate group, each nucleotide of a DNA molecule features a nitrogen-... More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA