To register for The Point on, go to thePoint website and click New User. Enter the access code from the inside front cover of the textbook or from the printed access card. More » Education Colleges & Universities

Students can register for the University of South Africa, or UNISA, online by going to the registration website, entering their student number, checking their details, choosing modules and calculating fees. The online op... More »

Students can register at the NCAA Eligibility Center by collecting the required documentation, creating an account at the eligibility center website, entering the information requested and paying a fee. All students who ... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Fill out the online registration form at the website where you intend to take the food safety course. Submit the form, study the course materials and take the food safety course. More » Education Colleges & Universities

Individuals can register for gifts on by clicking the Baby Registry link near the top of the home page, as indicated on the website. The registry categories included in the drop down menu under the Create ... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

Point Blank Music School has courses in music production and sound engineering, singing and songwriting and music business at its London branch. The school offers Intro to Music Production: Ableton Live course at its Los... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Individuals can register for a Cigna health assessment on the official website of MyCigna. Each individual in a family needs to register separately in order to take the health assessment, as stated by More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance