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There are many great quotes that say "I miss you" better than those three words alone. The words "I miss you" connote the feeling of loss that comes to a person when a loved one is absent, no matter whether the separation is temporary or permanent.


The 2014 Miss World pageant finale aired live on several International channels and various local networks in contestants' home countries on Dec. 14, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. E.T. The next Miss World pageant will air in 2015.


Some ways to find missing people include hiring a private investigator, searching through the Internet, reporting to the police and making missing person's posters. Calling a missing person's helpline can be an equally good way to find help in terms of support and infor...


The title of Miss Universe was first held by Armi Kuusela in 1952. The Finnish contestant was invited to participate in the first-ever Miss Universe pageant after winning her country's national beauty pageant, Suomen Neito. Kuusela chose to relinquish her crown in May 1...


As of November 2014, the current Miss World is Megan Young. Young holds the title as the first Filipino to ever win the title of Miss World.


The literal definition of missing someone is to perceive with regret the absence or loss of that person in your life. The emotional impact of missing someone is much more complex.


It is normal to miss a period every now and then, according to WebMD. Some reasons a woman might skip a period include excessive exercise, emotional strain, travel or illness. The best way to encourage the body to resume menstruation is to return to normal emotional and...