Cabinetry is the most obvious feature in most kitchens, so if black is an option, take note if a darker ambiance will work in the space at hand. Small kitchens benefit from lighter accents, while large kitchens are elega... More »

The standard size for kitchen cabinets is 12 to 24 inches deep, 12 to 96 inches tall and 12 to 48 inches wide. The actual dimensions depend on local building codes and the size and layout of the kitchen. More »

Organizing your kitchen cupboards is a lengthy process that takes a few hours to a few days, depending on the size of your kitchen and how much clutter you have. Before you begin, gather up some basic cleaning supplies, ... More »

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Kitchen cabinets often take up a very large amount of space in one's kitchen, but solutions such as custom cabinets and altering space design can help alleviate the feeling of claustrophobia. Changing cabinet colors or t... More »

Pieces of furniture that are essential for most kitchens include counters for food preparation and for countertop appliances, base or wall cabinets and drawers for storage, and a sink. If the kitchen is used for cooking ... More »

Some ways to create a beautiful kitchen include installing attractive cabinets, flooring, appliances and countertops. Some ways to improve the looks of a kitchen without replacing or renovating anything are to give it a ... More »

Small kitchens benefit from bright or contrasting colors, plenty of lighting and center storage islands. Making a triangle of vital kitchen areas also helps maximize space in a small area. More »