The fastest flowing river in the world is the Amazon River. When measuring by volume, the Amazon is also the largest river in the world. More »

According to the Guinness World Records, the Amazon River in South America is the widest river in the world. The width of the river is around 202 miles where the Amazon opens into the Atlantic Ocean. More »

The Amazon River has an estimated 1,100 tributaries, which provide approximately one-sixth of the freshwater that drains into the world's oceans, according to WWF Global. The source of the Amazon River is Carhuastana and... More »

The average depth of the Brazil section of the Amazon River is about 150 feet, with maximum depths reaching about 300 feet. In the section of the river between Manacapuru and Óbidos, the depth ranges between 66 and 85 fe... More »

The Amazon River is approximately 4,000 miles, or 6,400 kilometers, long. It can get as wide as almost 120 miles, or 190 kilometers, during the rainy season. The river runs through the South American countries of Guyana,... More » Geography Bodies of Water

The width of the Amazon River varies from only 1 mile in some places during the dry season to as much as 30 miles in the wet season. The mouth of the Amazon where it meets the Atlantic Ocean is more than 250 miles wide. More »

The Amazon River flows through the countries of Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil. The Amazon River spans over 4,000 miles and has a width of up to 120 miles during the wet season. The Amazon River i... More » Geography Bodies of Water