Though a single person can't reasonably be credited for the idea of putting meat, cheese or another food between two slices or pieces of bread, the fourth Earl of Sandwich is often credited for giving this culinary conco... More » Food Food Facts

Catal Restaurant, Crossroads at House of Blues and Earl of Sandwich are a few restaurants in the Downtown Disney District. Rainforest Cafe and Naples Ristorante e Pizzaria are also situated in Downtown Disney. More » Food

There is no island at 58 degrees south and 27 degrees west. This point is 25 miles southwest of Saunders Island, which is part of the South Sandwich Islands. The 58th parallel south never crosses land, only ocean. More » Geography Maps & Cartography

The calories of a cheese sandwich vary based on the types of bread and cheese used, ranging from under 250 to over 400 calories. One slice of American cheese on white bread with margarine is about 200 calories, while 3 o... More »

The city of Tampa, Florida claims the Cuban sandwich as its official "signature sandwich," even though the sandwich's name carries the name of a different geographic location entirely. This is a nod to the fact that Tamp... More » Food Food Facts

There are two main theories as to who invented the Reuben sandwich, both of which involve the name Reuben. One theory is that the sandwich was first made at a New York City restaurant called Reuben's Delicatessen sometim... More »

One food idea for a child's lunchbox is to model the lunchbox after Lunchables, a prepackaged, plastic food container of crackers, meat and cheese. Not only is the lunchbox version less expensive, but it can be more nutr... More » Food Food Facts