The Bronx-bound 2 line serves the zoo's Bronx River entrance, also identified as gate B. Passengers should get off at the Pelham Parkway station and head west to the entrance. The Seventh Avenue express train (the 2 line... More »

Some neighborhoods in the Bronx are Arthur Avenue, Fordham, Grand Concourse, Pelham Bay Park and Woodlawn. Other Bronx neighborhoods are Riverdale, Throggs Neck, City Island, Castle Hill and University Heights. The Bronx... More » Geography

The largest zoo in the United States is the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. This zoo is home to about 17,000 animals of 962 different species as of 2015. The Henry Doorly Zoo encompasses over 130 acres of land. More » Geography

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Obtain coupons and discounted tickets for the Pittsburgh Zoo by contacting the zoo's administrative office or showing an AAA membership card, Shop 'n Save Perks card or military ID when purchasing tickets at the zoo's ad... More »