Christmas is celebrated in the Bahamas in the same way that it is celebrated in many other countries with gift-giving, celebrations, feasting and giving Christmas cards. Popular feasting foods around the Christmas holida... More »

The Bahamas are located in the North Atlantic ocean. The islands are located southeast of the state of Florida and northeast of Cuba. More »

The Bahamas are not a U.S. territory. The Bahamas are an independent nation of 700 islands located in the Atlantic Ocean around 50 miles south of Florida. More »

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The Victorians transformed Christmas from a fairly serious religious holiday into a festive celebration, popularizing Christmas trees, singing carols, feasting, sending greetings cards and giving gifts. The growing wealt... More »

Christmas traditions in Australia closely resemble those in other countries of the British Commonwealth, although most are adjusted slightly to take advantage of the summer weather Australia enjoys in December. Christmas... More »

Although Christmas is not a public holiday in China, it is nevertheless celebrated by many Chinese people, particularly younger generations between the ages of 15 and 45. In fact, according to the China Social Survey Ins... More »