The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is a sovereign nation that gained its independence on July 10, 1973. Prior to that time, the Bahamas was a British colony for 325 years. Its constitution establishes a parliamentary democr... More » Geography Caribbean

The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau. Nassau is located on the island of New Providence and is home to 70 percent of the population of the Bahamas. More » Geography Caribbean

Neither the city of Nassau nor the Commonwealth of the Bahamas have any sort of postal code. While the government of the Bahamas has made preliminary steps toward modernizing their postal service, not much has been accom... More » Business & Finance Mail & Shipping Postal Services
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The colors of the Cuban flag, blue, red and white, signify the divisions of the island nation and symbolize both its historical struggle for independence as well as the peace it now enjoys. The arrangement and design ele... More » Geography Caribbean

The Bahamas are located in the North Atlantic ocean. The islands are located southeast of the state of Florida and northeast of Cuba. More » Geography Caribbean

The island country of the Bahamas stretches southward from 50 miles off the southeastern coast of Florida. The nation consists of more than 700 islands covering more than 5,000 square miles of land across 100,000 square ... More » Geography Caribbean

The Bahamas is renowned for its relaxing ambiance that features a wide array of natural and man-made attractions, such as its numerous islands, stellar beaches, nature reserves, parks and museums. San Salvador, an island... More » Geography Caribbean