The Alamo was a mission built by Spanish settlers for use by missionaries in the city of San Antonio de Bexar. It is most commonly known for being the location of the battle between a large Mexican military force and Tex... More »

Some interesting facts about Texas are that this state's nickname "The Lone Star" is in reference to its being republic from 1836 to 1845, and long fight for independence from Mexico. In Texas' history, different nations... More »

Davy Crockett was born Aug. 17, 1786, in Tennessee, moved with his family westward three times before turning 12 years old, and served as a member of the Tennessee militia. Crockett was a member of Congress and died as a... More »

The Alamo, made famous during the war for Texas' independence, features a history that began in 1718 as a chapel in the Spanish Mission San Antonio de Valero. Following the battle of the Alamo in 1836, the Alamo became a... More » History Modern History US History

The original name of the Alamo was San Antonio de Valero. It served as a mission used by Spanish Catholic priests from its construction in 1744 to 1793 when it became a fort. More »

The Battle of the Alamo, also commonly referred to as the Alamo, occurred in February and March of 1836. It was a key battle of the Texas Revolution for independence from Mexico. More »

Mexican forces, under the command of General Antonio López de Santa Anna, won the Battle of the Alamo. The Mexicans defeated men fighting for the independence of the Republic of Texas. More »