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Protestant Christians believe that in order to enter Heaven, they must be born again as the spiritually perfect beings God intended, through the receipt of the Holy Spirit. The tenets of the modern Christian church are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament of the Bible.


Some Bible scriptures that discuss the Holy Spirit are John 14:26 and John 14:15-17. Additional Bible verses about the Holy Spirit are Acts 4:31, which describes the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and Psalm 51:11, where the writer pleads for God to leave the Holy Spirit with him.


According to 1 and 2 Corinthians, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are discernment, healing, interpretation of tongues, knowledge and miracles. The other gifts are wisdom, faith, gift of speaking in tongues and prophecy. The Holy Spirit is one-third of the Trinity and is interpreted by Christians to be


Ghost boxes, spirit boards, tea leaf readings and digital handheld recorders are popular methods mediums use for spirit communication. Whether or not these methods work remains open to interpretation.


The dove representing the Holy Spirit is depicted as white, often with its wings spread in flight or descending upon Jesus at his baptism. Sometimes artists present the Holy Spirit dove being released from outstretched hands. An iconic graphic is the dove with an olive branch in its mouth.


There is no solid proof that dogs can see spirits or supernatural entities. However, many people believe the animals do have a sixth sense.


The Holy Land encompasses parts of the modern countries of Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. It is bordered by the Euphrates River in the north, the Jordan River in the east, the Gulf of Aqaba in the south and the Mediterranean Sea in the west.


The Holy Ghost, also known as God the Holy Spirit, is one of the three persons of the Godhead who make up the single being that is God. As such, He is eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and equal in every way to God the Father and God the Son, as explained in the Bible.


The Holy Land refers to the area located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, especially the area surrounding Jerusalem. The term refers to the fact that this region contains sites of religious significance in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Bahá'í.


The Holy Bible is a collection of 66 books that many Christians believe is the word of God. The Bible contains works from at least 40 authors that span over a 1,500-year period. It was written in three different languages on three separate continents.