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Pump price for diesel fuel (US$ per liter) from The World Bank: Data.


Since fuels are traded worldwide, the trade prices are similar. The price paid by consumers largely ...


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EIA Weekly Regional Diesel Fuel Prices. Each Tuesday morning, we post U.S. National Average On-Highway Diesel Price data-based on published data from ...


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Fuel prices refer to the pump prices of the most widely sold grade of diesel fuel. Prices have been converted from the local currency to U.S. dollars.


Mar 20, 2018 ... And that perception is reality: Over the past five years (2013–2017), diesel prices have averaged 31 cents per gallon higher than gasoline prices ( ...


The rise and fall in gasoline and diesel prices directly relates to the cost of crude oil and the global demand for crude on the worldwide market.


Nov 14, 2005 ... Though drivers who use gasoline have gotten a break at the pump in the last few weeks, the price of diesel fuel has hit record highs.


Notes about the content on this page: Last updated: 04/06/2021; Source: U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration Gasoline and Diesel Fuel ...