Good thank you poems for kids include "Thank you, thank you is all I can say. You were so very thoughtful in every which way," and "The world's a better place because of folk like you who take the time to do nice things ... More »

A simple "thank you" poem for an elementary school or prekindergarten teacher could say, "Thank you teacher for helping me to grow. You guided me and showed me lots of things I didn't know. I learned so much from you and... More »

Christmas offers adult children an opportunity to honor their parents, and one way to do this is to share a poem with an important message. "Home is with Parents" is a poem that speaks of the importance of the cozy and e... More »

Good short poems for kids include "About the Teeth of Sharks" by John Ciardi and Donald Hall's "Valentine." The poems use humor and expressive rhyme, both great qualities for children's poems. More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

One prominent work of children's poetry that features themes of sharing is Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree," which depicts the eponymous tree's selfless nature towards a young boy. Another piece, Elizabeth Quinn's "G... More »

Funny poems for kids include "The Adventures of Isabel," by Ogden Nash and "The Dentist and the Crocodile," by Roald Dahl. "Mrs. Mitchell’s Underwear," by Dennis Lee, "Gas," by C.K. Williams and "Daddy Fell Into the Pond... More »

Some Jack Prelutsky poems for kids include "A Centipede Was Thirsty," "Carpenter, Carpenter," "The Average Hippopotamus" and "My Brother's Bug." Each poem appeals to kids of all ages. More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry