A simple "thank you" poem for an elementary school or prekindergarten teacher could say, "Thank you teacher for helping me to grow. You guided me and showed me lots of things I didn't know. I learned so much from you and... More »

One way to write a poem for a friend is to review a mental timeline of tour friendship and write about a special or poignant moment from that time period. This may include when you first became friends or the first clear... More »

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To write a birthday poem, one method is to use the name of the person to create lines that begin with each letter of the person's name and also rhyme. For example, verses for "Matt" could be: "Man of the year. Awesome an... More »

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Famous poet Shel Silverstein's long-form poem "A Perfect High" is an example of anti-drug poetry. Other anti-drug poems include "Among School Children" by William Butler Yeats and "Adolescence" by Claude McKay. More »

One example of a motivational poem is "Success" by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Another example is "Climb 'Til Your Dream Comes True" by Helen Steiner Rice. More »

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While a sonnet has 14 lines, a 12-line poem is identifiable in literature as a variation of the sonnet used by Elizabethan poets. Other than this example, there is no distinct term for a 12-line poem in English literatur... More »

An acrostic poem is a type of poem that uses a word as a subject with each line starting with a letter of the word. For instance, the word "cat" could be used as a subject for an acrostic poem. The poem could be somethin... More »

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