A thank-you letter should include an acknowledgement of the specific item donated, a mention of how that donation helps the organization, and some personal touches such as the donor's name. Some organizations also includ... More »

A template for a letter to thank people and organizations for their donations can be found at the Microsoft Office website. As this source notes, a letter of this kind serves two purposes: It serves to convey gratitude t... More »

Some of the information that should be included in a donation thank you letter template is the amount of the donation, information on what the funds will be used for and a heartfelt and sincere thanks. A donation thank y... More »

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There are two important things to accomplish in a thank-you letter to a donor: thank the donor for his generosity, and show how or whom the donor's gift helped. Telling a story about a specific recipient is more effectiv... More »

A thank-you note in response to a sympathy card should acknowledge receipt of the condolences and express thanks for the recipient's support and thoughts and for any donation included in the sympathy card. The writer sho... More »

When writing a thank-you letter, use an appropriate greeting, thank the recipient for what he gave you, and mention that you're thinking of him. Complete the letter with your regards and signature. More »

Some tips on writing a thank-you note for an award are to address the appropriate audience and acknowledge the prize in the letter. In addition, send the letter as soon as possible after receiving the award. Include an e... More »