Texting language is commonly known as SMS language or "textese," and it refers to abbreviations and slang used in mobile phone messaging. A common feature of this language is the use of symbols and numbers instead of let... More »

"Texting" is short for text messaging, which is the act of sending a text message through mobile-to-mobile technology. As technology has advanced, the act of texting includes picture, video and audio messaging. More »

Texting codes are abbreviations, acronyms and shorthand used to save time or disguise information when messaging another party via text message, email or instant messenger services. The trend of using text codes follows ... More »

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The time it takes to learn English grammar and the language in general, online or offline, depends on what the student's first language and academic background are. Other factors that affect the time it takes to learn En... More »

Some good short dialogues that can help English students learn the language include conversational responses to difficult questions, such as "Can you repeat that?" or "Can you speak more slowly?" Active communication phr... More »

Any language courses, including English, take various lengths of time among different instruction sources. English courses at colleges can last anywhere from three months to numerous semesters, depending on the school. More »

The major difference between nouns and verbs is how they function in language. Nouns identify people, places, things or qualities, while verbs describe an action or a state of being. More »