Find a list of standard text message symbols at under their "Emoticons and Smilies 101" article; meanwhile, Emojipedia site includes a list of the more complex emoji-style symbols. Both are commonly used in tex... More »

Some common text symbols are LOL for laughing out loud, TMI for too much information, OMG for oh my God, IMHO for in my humble opinion and J/K for just kidding, according to NetLingo. Common emoticons include :), ;) and ... More » Technology Mobile

Emoticons are graphical representations of emotions or other ideas composed of letters or other writing symbols; they are popular in text messages. For example, the emoticon :) resembles a smiling face turned sideways. More » Technology Mobile

Most cell phones that support laughing smiley face emoticons and other emoji symbols have a button on the cell phone's onscreen keyboard that displays a list of available icons to insert in a text message. Once this menu... More »

In order to make a sleepy face in a text message you must use 3 different symbols, on of which is used twice. These are one left parenthesis, one right parenthesis and 2 dashes to make this shape: ( - - ). More »

Some popular text symbols include :-( to indicate a sad face and :-) to indicate a happy face. Variations on those symbols are :( and :). To indicate an even sadder emotion, :'-( shows a face that is crying. To show cryi... More »

The modern generation adds a bit of fun to their text communications with a cute signature such as "Miss-too-good-for-you." Often, font symbols such as smiley faces and hearts are inserted into text signatures to further... More »