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Rich Text Format, or RTF, is a document file format used to create, view and exchange documents between word processing programs without losing any applied character formatting. Documents saved in rich text format are also compatible with common operating systems beside...


To save a Word document in ASCII format, you will need to copy and paste the document into a simple text program such as Notepad. After it is converted, certain formatting features will be gone, such as bold or italicized text.


"Texting" is short for text messaging, which is the act of sending a text message through mobile-to-mobile technology. As technology has advanced, the act of texting includes picture, video and audio messaging.


Informational text is factual information presented in a format that helps the reader find key information. It exists to inform the reader about a specific topic.


Texting codes are abbreviations, acronyms and shorthand used to save time or disguise information when messaging another party via text message, email or instant messenger services. The trend of using text codes follows the increase and variety of messaging options avai...


The manner in which written content is arranged is known as text structure. Common text structures include compare and contrast, sequence, description, problem and solution, and cause and effect. Learning to determine text structure in fiction and nonfiction works helps...


The formatting toolbar is used in many software programs to provide options for formatting text. This toolbar is common in word processors, spreadsheet programs and rich text editors.