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Major products in Texas are agricultural crops, including livestock such as beef cattle, calves and young broiler chickens; cotton, greenhouse and nursery products also rank at the top in terms of amount of revenue generated. Chicken eggs, hogs, turkeys, lamb, sheep and dairy products are vitality i


According to the 2010 US Census, Texas has three cities with populations that exceed one million: Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. The capital of Texas is Austin, with a population of 800,000. Other cities with populations exceeding 500,000 include Fort Worth and El Paso.


According to the Texas government infrastructure, the major bodies of water in Texas are the Gulf of Mexico, the Rio Grande and the Red River. The rivers all have basins in the state of Texas and all flow out to the Gulf of Mexico.


Some major counties in Texas include Travis County, which contains Austin, the state capital, and Harris County, which contains Houston. Other counties are Presidio, El Paso, Brewster, Webb and Crockett. Still others are Atascosa, Dallas, Jim Hogg, Jim Wells and Zapata.


Mexico’s major industries include food and beverages, iron, steel and petroleum. Since the 1980s, Mexico’s economy has relied primarily on manufacturing.


The four major regions of Texas are the Mountains and Basins region, Great Plains, North Central Plains and Coastal Plains. Texas is the second largest state in the United States, encompassing a total area of 268,601 square miles.


The major industries of Alabama include auto manufacturing, aerospace and defense, life sciences, steel and chemical manufacturing, forestry, food processing and tire manufacturing. Alabama’s expanding automotive manufacturing industry has powered much of the state’s economic growth this century. Me


The major industries in the state of Washington include agriculture, lumber, tourism, hydroelectric power, computer software, aircraft, and aluminum refining. Of those, agriculture is the leading industry, accounting for $9.5 billion of the state economy.


The major industries in Europe include automotive, aerospace and defense. Other important industries include chemicals, biotechnology and food industry. The United Kingdom is the major industrial region of Europe. Other important industrial regions are South Wales, Scotland, Germany, France and Ital


Georgia's major industries are agriculture, timber and textiles. The state also benefits greatly from a military presence; Fort Benning, Fort Stewart and Robins Air Force Base are the state's three largest employers.