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A car title loan is a type of loan product that uses the title of a car as security that the loan will be paid off, according to CarsDIRECT. If the borrower fails to pay off the loan, the car title lender can take possession of the car and sell it to receive the money d...


Financial institutions offering car title loans lend customers money and hold the title and a spare key to their car as security for the repayment of the loan, according to Consumer.gov. Customers usually have only 30 days to repay the loan.


A title loan is a loan where collateral in the form of assets is required as a guarantee. As of 2014, a title loan request in the United States does not consider the credit rating of an applicant. Title loans are typically for a low monetary value.


With a title loan, a borrower gives a lender the title to his vehicle in exchange for a small amount of money for a short period of time. Title loans are often some of the most-expensive loan options, because of the additional fees and high interest rates.


Filing for a replacement car title in Texas is a simple process that involves submitting a title application with a valid form of identification and fee payment. This can be completed either in person or through the mail.


To obtain a cash loan for your car title, you must first contact a title loan lending company, such as Ace Cash Express or Auto Cash USA. These businesses accept loan applications through the Internet or in person at a physical location.


A car title is a paper document that contains vehicle and owner information and provides proof that the named person on the title owns the listed vehicle. A vehicle owner must have possession of the title before selling or transferring ownership of car.