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The main difference between an alto sax and a tenor sax is that the alto sax is played in the key of E flat while the tenor sax is played in the key of B flat. While the sheet music for the alto sax doesn't look any different than the sheet music for the tenor sax, alto sax notes are higher than ten


The black and white keys of the piano are made of wood covered with veneer. Most pianos that were made before 1960 have white keys with thin ivory tops. The black keys are traditionally made with ebony.


The standard piano has 52 white keys. It also has 36 black keys for a total of 88 keys. The average piano has 220 strings, but that number tends to vary from instrument to instrument.


Ten-key is a data entry method using a numeric keypad containing the numerals zero through nine. It aims to reduce the physical stress of data entry using a traditional keyboard, and is more efficient.


The black keys on a piano are called the sharps and flats. They are also known as the enharmonics.


Free Sax is a band based in San Francisco, California and comprises of three members: Aaron Saul, who performs alto, Sax Andrew Ferren, who performs tenor, and Sax Brian Rodvien, who plays the drums. The genre is considered "improvised music" according to the band's Facebook page.


To clean piano keys, use a soft cloth, dampened with a mild soap and water solution, to gently wipe the keys. It is also important to use a different cloth for cleaning the sharp keys to avoid staining the white ivory keys. Regular cleaning of piano keys is important because dirt and oil, from the f


The familiar arrangement of letters used on English language keyboards known as QWERTY originated with the first commercially successful typewriters patented in 1878 by Christopher Latham Sholes. The purpose of his design was to prevent mechanical jams by spreading out the most frequently used lette


Ten-key experience refers to the metric of how experienced someone is using the 10-key pad on a keyboard. This is used extensively in data entry jobs that may use numbers rather than letters on keyboards. Using the 10-key pad on the computer makes it easier to only focus on numbers instead of having


A 10-key machine is a type of calculator. Specifically, a 10-key is an adding machine used to add numbers together, often used by bookkeepers or accountants.