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The rights of residential tenants in New York State are protected by a variety of federal, state and local laws. In addition, areas of the State subject to rent stabilization, rent control or other rent regulation may have special rules that apply to certain dwellings. Tenants are advised to ... TENANTS’ RIGHTS GUIDE ...


New York Landlord Tenant Laws You Should Know Landlord-tenant laws and rights are tricky. It’s important to know what they are before you get into a costly legal battle.


Tenants' Rights and Responsibilities. In New York City, tenants have many rights relating to the safety and quality of their housing. Tenants should expect to live in safe, well-maintained buildings that are free from vermin, leaks, and hazardous conditions.


Tenant Rights to Withhold Rent in New York. Tenants may withhold rent or exercise the right to “repair and deduct” if a landlord fails to take care of important repairs, such as a broken heater. For specifics, see New York Tenant Rights to Withhold Rent or “Repair and Deduct”. New York Termination and Eviction Rules


New York City Commission on Human Rights complaints - (212) 306-7450 (local law protects from discrimination based on source of income, including HCV/Section 8) Need Help? HUD handles complaints about housing discrimination, bad landlords in federal housing and many other issues.


What are the rights of co-tenants in New York City? On behalf of Law Offices of Seth Rosenfeld, Esq. posted in landlord-tenant disputes on Thursday, August 25, 2016. Due to expensive rent rates in New York City, many individuals opt to live with roommates.


In New York City, no one can discriminate against you based on your sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Learn More About LGBTQI Protections Under Local Law 96 of 2018 , employers with 15 or more employees are required to conduct annual anti-sexual harassment training for all employees.


New York Landlord - Tenant Questions & Answers 1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for New York on Jul 4, 2019 Q: Is it legal for three occupants to live in one bedroom (735 sq ft) apartment complex in New York?


Below is a list of some New York state-specific resources to use as guides. Happy hunting! Tenants’ rights FAQs: New York Landlord-Tenant Law. Frequently Asked Questions about New York Tenant Rights. New York Tenant Right Information from the State Attorney General. NYC Housing Preservation and Development — Tenants’ Rights and ...


Despite all the griping we do about our government, once in a while, it gives us something useful we can work with. Like this handy New York State tenant rights guide for those of us who are terrified of paperwork, signatures, and binding obligations. The actual document is quite a few pages in length, so we decided to put the best, most pertinent rules together in one easy-to-read blog post.