As of 2015, some of the rights that tenants have in New York City includes the right to livable premises, the right to complain and organize and the right to receive services. Other rights include the ability to transfer... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

To evict a tenant in New York, the court must issue a warrant of eviction, according to the New York State Unified Court System. The warrant of eviction authorizes a landlord to hire the services of a marshal or a sherif... More » Government & Politics Law

Some of the basic laws that regulate the relationship between landlords and tenants in New York involve the habitability of the space, the amount of rent landlords can charge, and the tenant's rights to sue or withhold r... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Many laws regarding tenant rights vary from state to state, but all tenants have the right to privacy, and a clean and safe living space that includes properly installed smoke detectors. Federal law prohibits landlords f... More »

Some ways of finding affordable housing in New York City include applying for an inclusionary housing lottery, looking for rent-regulated apartments, waiting until winter, being willing to live in an undesirable area, an... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

New York City landlords must turn on heat systems beginning October 1st. The heating systems must be kept on though May 31st and meet minimum temperature requirements. More »

A few neighborhoods to find good deals in real estate in New York City are Astoria in the borough of Queens, Crown Heights North, Clinton Hill and Bed-Stuy in the borough of Brooklyn. These places are ideal for buying pr... More » Business & Finance Real Estate