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A temperature sensor is a data gathering tool that measures the temperature in the surrounding area and converts the information for use by an observer or additional devices. Temperature sensors have a variety of applications from home use to specific scientific uses.


A temperature sensor measures the hotness or coolness of an object. The sensor’s working base is the voltage that’s read across the diode. The temperature rises whenever the voltage increases. The sensor records any voltage drop between the transistor base and emitter. When the difference in voltage


Manufacturers of outdoor temperature sensors strongly advise consumers to mount a sensor on the north wall of a building, out of direct sunlight and protected from precipitation under an eave, overhang or awning. The recommended height for installation is at least 2 to 3 feet above ground level.


An air charge temperature sensor is a device inside the engine that monitors the temperature of the air going into the engine. In cars made after 1995, this part is called the intake air temperature sensor. The sensor sends temperature data to the car engine's computer for air density estimations us


Transmission temperature sensors are usually thermistors: resistors whose voltage varies with temperature. The range of such sensors is between -40 degrees and 210 degrees Celsius, according to the Clemson University Vehicular Electronics Laboratory.


Air intake temperature sensors, or IAT sensors, work by analyzing and recording information through a computer in the car to determine air density. The amount of air density in turn helps sensors maintain a correct fuel mixture ratio. The computers to which IAT sensors connect adjust air intake and


Intake air temperature sensors are typically located in the intake manifold. The sensor is positioned so that the tip is exposed to air that is entering the engine. Some engines use mass airflow sensors to measure the volume of air flowing into the engine and have a temperature sensor too.


A coolant temperature sensor is located at the engine block's front. Although the location may vary in cars that feature pulleys on their sides, the coolant temperature sensor is typically located in the pulley system of the car.


The intake air temperature sensor measures the temperature of the air entering a car's engine through the intake manifold and relays the information to the engine control unit. To operate as efficiently as possible, car engines rely on the ECU, a small computer, to monitor and adjust various compone


Jeeps have coolant temperature sensors on the thermostat housing and on the top of the cylinder head on the driver's side of the engine. The second sensor is to the right of the valve cover. The front sensor has two wires and connects to the control module, while the second has one wire that connect