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My thermostat gauge in the car is going up and down, what could be the problem 48 Answers. My thermostat starts on cold and when i get in and drive it goes from low to almost hot., and it jumps back and forth when I drive the car. Do I need to change the thermostat, I add water and coolant ...


Q: The temperature gauge is going up and down. Hello. If the coolant temperature gauge is constantly fluctuating then the most common cause of this is a bad thermostat. If the thermostat is sticking or not opening and closing...


SOURCE: It is a 1999. The temperature gauge goes up and. It sounds like you need to change the thermostat in the engine it's located inside the throttle body of the engine the main hose running from the engine usually the bigger hose.


Right after that, I had no heat and the temperature gauge would go up to hot but then come right back down. Brought it back to mechanic, changed thermostat and both things ok only part way home. Started riding with coworker only driving to her house 7 miles away and still temperature gauge up and down, stopped driving completely in Feb.


If the needle goes to about the middle of the gauge, that means the engine has reached normal operating temperature, usually between 180 an 210°F. It goes up quickly after starting, then stabilizes. This is normal. You'll notice that the temperatu...


My truck did that too. My temp gauge was well under 210 driving down the highway, then all of a sudden it jumps up past 210, between 210 and 260. I pulled over and felt around the engine, and it wasnt even hot. Then I got back into my truck and a few seconds later, the temp gauge jumped back behind 210 and stayed there.


I checked the engine coolant level and its just above the cold mark in the reservoir when engine is cold. Is there a way to check if the engine fan stays on when the temperature gauge goes down, since this only happens when i am driving and it stay down only for a few seconds.


What Things Cause a Car's Temperature Gauge to Increase? Heat that is coming from inside the car as well as outside of the car can cause the temperature gauge of the car to increase. When temperatures are extremely high within the inside of the car, the temperature gauge will greatly increase and the car could suffer from many different problems.