A mechanical temperature gauge uses a Bourdon tube filled with temperature-sensitive liquid to indicate temperature, while an electrical model uses a variable-resistance unit that varies current to the dial as temperatur... More »

A candy or bulb thermometer can be used to check the temperature inside of a refrigerator. There are also thermometers specifically made to be used inside of a fridge and work properly in the necessary temperature range. More »

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Modern cars use electric temperature gauges to keep track of radiator and engine temperature. They operate like a voltmeter, with a special hairpin-like assembly opening and closing to create an electrical circuit. Old c... More »

Signs that a fuel pump is failing include a sudden sharp decrease in overall gas mileage, high car temperature and frequent related engine stalls, slower acceleration or frequent drops in speed when accelerating or going... More »

Some symptoms of a clogged radiator are overheating of the engine, a temperature gauge that register a high reading on hot days and when an air conditioner is on, and higher than usual coolant consumption. The causes of ... More »

A vehicle fuel level indicator uses two components: a sending unit in the fuel tank, which measures the level of liquid through electrical resistance, and a fuel gauge that displays that level on the vehicle dashboard. S... More »

The most common reason for a coolant temperature gauge not working is a problem with the coolant temperature sensor. Signs of a bad sensor include black smoke in the exhaust, a car using more gas than usual or a car over... More »