The full set of adult dog teeth is usually in place by 7 months of age. The puppy's teeth begin falling out and are replaced by adult teeth at around 8 weeks of age. More »

At some point after a female dog comes into heat, there is a bloody vaginal discharge. The amount of bleeding differs from dog to dog. In some cases it is not even noticeable to the dog owner. More »

The female dog does not have a period but a heat, or estrus, cycle. During the proestrus stage of the heat cycle, the female dog bleeds, and male dogs become attracted to her. More »

A person can tell how old a dog is by looking at the dog's teeth, which means that it is easier to tell a puppy's age than it is to tell an adult dog's age. When looking at the puppy or dog's mouth, look at the way that... More »

Some interesting facts about dogs are that there are more than 150 dog breeds, an adult dog has 42 teeth, and they sweat through their foot pads rather than through salivating. Almost all dogs have pink tongues except Ch... More »

A puppy finishes teething at approximately seven months of age, when his baby teeth are replaced by 42 permanent teeth. The teething process starts at around three weeks with the appearance of deciduous teeth, also known... More »

Puppies begin to lose their first set of teeth at approximately 3 months of age. By 9 months, this process is complete. Occasionally, a puppy's milk teeth don't fall out on their own and need to be removed by a veterinar... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs