Radical changes to diet and exercise are the best ways to get 6-pack abs in 2 weeks. Cutting out fats and eating more fiber helps cleanse unwanted fat from the body. Intense exercise makes the abdominal muscles more prom... More »

According to Men's Fitness, eight-pack abs exist and can be achieved through stringent diet and exercise. Although getting an eight-pack is possible, many people who are in perfect shape do never achieve it. More »

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To get six-pack abdominal muscles fast, go on a diet, change your approach to eating, and exercise for one hour every day. Getting six-pack abs is a difficult process, and it requires that you commit to a healthy lifesty... More »

A 12 year old may be able to get a six-pack with intense physical exercise and a diet specifically tailored toward building muscle mass - however, due to hormonal differences between 12 year olds and adults, building sig... More »

A person who follows a rigorous exercise routine and eats a healthy diet with adequate protein intake can begin seeing initial muscle gain in approximately four weeks. If significant gain in muscle mass is the goal, expe... More »

Good ways to lose stomach fat include adopting a regular exercise regimen, a fiber-rich diet and having enough sleep. Avoiding stress through relaxation and counseling is also beneficial, according to WebMD. More »

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Training abs requires performing exercises that target the muscles of the abdomen and eating a balanced diet that supports your muscles. Training abdominal muscles requires dedication and hard work. More »