A coastal map including tectonic plate locations or fault-lines shows the tectonic plate boundaries in California. The coastline of California marks the border between the North American and Pacific plates. More » World View Social Sciences

A plate boundary is a location where two tectonic plates meet. There are three different types of tectonic plate boundaries, which are defined by the relative motion of each plate. The three types of plate boundaries are... More » Science Earth Science Plate Tectonics

According to the Physics Department of the University of Tennessee Knoxville, evidence for plate tectonics has been found by studying continental shapes and comparing fossils. It notes that modern evidence for plate tect... More » Science Earth Science Plate Tectonics
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Information included in some maps of the California coast are major cities and towns, parks, counties and visitor attractions. Some maps show the entire or most of the California coast, as in the case of the National Geo... More » Geography

California employers pay a state unemployment tax that covers unemployment benefits. Each employer pays these taxes, which are determined on an annual basis. More » World View Social Sciences

The most common type of igneous rock, basalt, also known as malfic rock, can be found on oceanic plates at divergent plate boundaries. Intermediate and felsic igneous rocks show up along continental margins, as well. Bec... More » Science Earth Science Geology

A diversity of plants thrives in the California coastal region, including pampasgrass, chaparral plant, sagebrush scrub, lobed sea rocket and sand strawberry. These plants grow near the ocean but thrive in areas where th... More » Geography United States The West