There can be up to 14 players on a handball team. During a match, each team can have up to seven players on the court: one goalkeeper and six court players. All other players are substitutes. More »

The size of an indoor handball court is 40 meters long by 20 meters wide. Each end of the court has a goal area containing a net that is three meters wide and two meters high. More »

Handball is played indoors on a playing surface similar to an indoor soccer field. The court, which is slightly larger than a regulation basketball court, features goals situated on each end. Handball matches consist of ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports

All-district teams are chosen by coaches nominating players, and then the players are voted upon and narrowed down to create the team. All-district teams constitute the best players within a given district for that seaso... More »

Tips for choosing a volleyball team name include getting all the players' input regarding the team name and selecting a name appropriate for the team's league. Possible ideas for team names include basing the name on the... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports

To conduct a volleyball tryout, follow a tryout plan, determine the right type of players for the team, test the six primary volleyball skills, and have each player wear identification. The best method for tryouts vary d... More »

When an ice hockey team is at full strength, it has six players. Usually, these are the goalie, the center, two wings and two defenders. However, sometimes players are removed to serve time for penalties. In addition, a ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports