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How to teach long division in several steps. Instead of showing the whole algorithm to the students at once, students first practice only the dividing, next the 'multiply & subtract' part, and lastly use the whole long division algorithm.


Teaching Long Division ... Thank you for all the great resources. I teach Tier III Math in middle school and long division is a struggle for many of these kids, I like having different options. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Add comment. Load more... Newer Post Older Post Home.


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18 Fun Hands-on Activities for Teaching Division. Motivate your students to divide and conquer! ... Use multiplication to teach division. ... to-follow lesson from Shut the Door and Teach uses white board place value mats and paper money to walk kids through the long division process.


Before we can teach long division we must understand the terms associated with it. The number being divided is called the dividend , the number that is dividing is called the divisor , and lastly the number that is the answer of the division problem is called the quotient .


How to Teach Division. Teaching division can seem complicated, but there are easy ways to help students grasp this basic math concept. Start by introducing basic division, and then explain remainders. Next, you can teach long division. To...


I understand. We are there, too! So I decided to do a little work and figure out some Fun Ways to Teach Division to Kids. I have a whole bunch of division teaching resources to help you teach your kids the basics of division. Hopefully these will make math a little more interesting in your home or classroom! ... The Steps to Long Division. The ...


Frustrated teaching long division? Monopoly money to the rescue! You’ll learn how to teach your child both HOW to do long division and WHY it works. When I was an elementary school teacher, I always knew when it was long division week in the fourth grade.