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Tea bag folding was originally done with tea bag wrappers, hence the name. Tea bag folding consists of folding little squares of decorative paper in a specific pattern and arranging the folded pieces to form a more-or-less round motif or medallion.


In Fabric Folding, you fold napkins, towels, and fabric. In tea bag folding, you do NOT fold soggy tea bags. The name "Tea Bag Folding" refers to the folding of tea bag wrappers, not the tea bags themselves. Tea bag folding may have originated in Holland by a lady named Tiny van der Plaas.


Memory Folds: Great Ideas for Scrapbooks & Cards (Design Originals) Over 40 Projects Using Origami and Papercrafting Techniques, with Tea Bag Folding Papers and Step-by-Step Instructions


Tea bag folding is a creative folded paper craft like Origami for making folded paper gifts, gift tags, cards and scrapbook decorations by folding tea bag wrappers or small squares of printable craft paper to make decorations and rosettes. Click the link for more info on Origami Folding


Tea bag folding is a very simple craft that produces star-shaped embellishments suitable for cards and scrapbook pages. There are an infinite number of folding patterns that produce different types of designs.


I found many tiles at these sites, but there are many sites that have them if you Google "free printable tea bag folding tiles" http://www.masikatiwebdesign....


1,000's of free tea-pag papers for you to print out all available in five sizes with matching background paper


Yes, you can get special tea bag papers to use with this folding craft but I've always preferred to use scrapbook papers instead because that way I can choose from a wealth of patterns and colors that I already have in abundance. To make your own tiles for folding, you'll need to make a square template from a thick piece of card.


Tea bag folding is a paper folding craft. Some enthusiasts compare it to origami because the basic origami folds are used, such as the water bomb and the square base to make flat units interlocked together into a "paper faceted" rosette shape.


Another tea bag folding technique for beginners can be viewed at Tea Bag Folding for Children and Beginners. Those instructions are for the square base origami fold, even easier that the water bomb. There are videos to help with the assembly, which is the same as the one used here. My First Origami Tea Bag Folding Book