A tax table is a chart that displays the amount of taxes owed to the state or federal government based on a number of factors, such as filing status, exemptions, income and any amount of deductions. While there may be so... More »

The IRS federal income tax tables show tax brackets and rates for taxpayers in the United States. Tax tables change year by year to reflect changing tax legislation and inflation rates. More »

The California sales and use tax rate tables provide information on sales tax for individual cities, counties and addresses, according to the California State Board of Equalization. Updated versions of these tables are a... More »

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Your personal income tax for each year is calculated based on a number of individual factors, including your filing status, income from multiple sources, tax deductions and tax credits, explains Bankrate. You can calcula... More »

When using a tax table to determine the amount of taxes that you owe the IRS, first note your filing status as single, married filing jointly or separately, or head of household, says TurboTax. Then, note your taxable in... More »

Senior citizens can take advantage of tax exemptions and deductions available through the Internal Revenue Service that include deducting a portion of medical and dental expenses and exemption from paying taxes on profit... More »

The 2013 instruction 1040 tax table consisted of tax rates and tax brackets for that particular year, basing the tax rates on income and filing status. Tax rate refers to the percentage at which taxes are remitted based ... More »