The Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Form 941 is a form filed quarterly with the IRS by businesses that withhold federal income tax and other payroll taxes from employees, Turbo Tax explains. The form reports the amount ... More » Business & Finance Taxes

To fill out Form 941, provide the tax identification number of the business filing the taxes, the name of the business and the amount of wages paid during that quarter, according to the Internal Revenue Service. You also... More » Business & Finance Taxes

When filing Form 941, enter your company's employer identification number, check the quarter for which you are filing, and enter the name of the owner and the name of the business, according to the Internal Revenue Servi... More » Business & Finance Taxes
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The Internal Revenue Service's W-2 form includes a space referred to as box 14 that has no standard usage or fixed set of codes; any codes entered into this part of the tax form is at the discretion of each individual em... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Internal Revenue Service Form 940 is the employer's annual federal unemployment tax return that employers use to report federal unemployment taxes, as of 2015, states the IRS. Federal and state governments combine their ... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Federal Tax Form 1098-T is the form provided to students who pay tuition at eligible institutions for education expenses, explains Turbo Tax. Eligible institutions include most universities, colleges and vocational schoo... More » Business & Finance Taxes

The purpose of IRS Form 941 is for employers to report withholding taxes paid on behalf of the employees, Turbo Tax reports. An employer must file this form four times per year. More » Business & Finance Taxes