IRS Form 941 is the form used by employers when reporting income taxes, Social Security taxes or Medicare taxes withheld from employees income, says the IRS. Employers who withhold those taxes, and those who pay the empl... More » Business & Finance Taxes

The purpose of IRS Form 941 is for employers to report withholding taxes paid on behalf of the employees, Turbo Tax reports. An employer must file this form four times per year. More » Business & Finance Taxes

The Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Form 941 is a form filed quarterly with the IRS by businesses that withhold federal income tax and other payroll taxes from employees, Turbo Tax explains. The form reports the amount ... More » Business & Finance Taxes
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The federal deposits employers must make with the form 941 are federal withholding taxes, Medicare, Social Security and taxes on sick pay and unemployment pay, says the IRS. The Medicare and Social Security deposit inclu... More » Business & Finance Taxes

IRS Form 943 is for those who paid wages to farm workers and those wages were subject to Medicare and Social Security taxes. This form should also be used if the wages included federal tax withholding. More » Business & Finance Taxes

Internal Revenue Service Form 940 is the employer's annual federal unemployment tax return that employers use to report federal unemployment taxes, as of 2015, states the IRS. Federal and state governments combine their ... More » Business & Finance Taxes

IRS Form 940 is used by employers to report their annual Federal Unemployment Tax Act tax. This tax, along with additional state taxes, pays for unemployment compensation funding for employees who lose their jobs. More » Business & Finance Taxes