Tattoos for sisters can vary depending on how many sisters want to be involved. Sisters tattoos can be matching, include a reference to the sisters' birth order or names, or be parts of a phrase or image that are only co... More »

Justin Timberlake has six tattoos, including religious tattoos and ones related to his time with the boy band, 'NSync. Each tattoo is linked to something personal in his life. More »

StyleCraze notes there are many great ideas for tattoos written in Italian, including "seguire il vostro cuore" with a heart tattooed at the end of the phrase. The quote translates to "follow your heart," and it is great... More »

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There are many websites that showcase a wide variety of Pantera tattoos, including the band's official website and Heavy Metal Tattoos. The Texas heavy metal band inspires strong devotion in its fan base, and these sites... More »

Tattoos of baby boy angels can be memorials, symbols of love or even religious. Baby boy angel tattoos are typically done in somber tones if they are memorials. However, the style of any angel tattoo varies widely. More »

Tattoos of butterflies, feathers, dolphins and birds symbolize freedom. These images of animals and nature are used by tattoo artists to represent liberty and independence. More »

Pictures of tattoos on girls and women can be found on websites such as Free Tattoo Designs and Tattoos for Women. Feminine tattoos come in a number of colors and sizes. More »