As of 2014, the average annual salary of a tattoo artist is $32,111. Salaries can differ based on location and experience level. Many tattoo artists start out as apprentices in tattoo parlors to gain experience in intera... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

The average salary for a tattoo artist in 2013 was around $32,000. However, tattoo artists make their money based on the amount of work they generate by bringing in customers and advertising their designs. More » Business & Finance Careers Salaries

A person can become a certified tattoo artist by compiling a portfolio, completing an apprenticeship, taking tattoo artist education courses and getting a license. A degree is not required to be a tattoo artist, although... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations
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According to Tattoo, Becoming a tattoo artist follows a similar career path to most other specialized trades: It typically requires true artistic talent, a portfolio showcasing the work of the artist and a long... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

The time it takes to finish a tattoo varies greatly and is dependent on many variables including the size of the tattoo, intricacy of the design, and the proficiency and work rate of the tattoo artist. The only person wh... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

Along with the explicit instructions given by the tattoo artist, people with new tattoos can apply ice to the new tattoo, can use an antibacterial ointment on the tattoo and can apply bandages to their tattoo if they are... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

It is considered appropriate to tip approximately 20 percent to a tattoo artist, even more if he is creating a unique design. If creating the tattoo takes more than one session, it is good etiquette to tip after each ses... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos