The target market profile groups that Gatorade focuses on are athletes and teenagers. Gatorade is designed for athletes because it replenishes the body with electrolytes and carbohydrates before, during and after an inte... More »

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A business profile, or a company profile, includes a summary of a firm's history, mission, resources, products or services, and target markets. It also features basic details about the company's length of operation, numb... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Sephora's general target market is higher-income women, but the stores are cleverly designed to break down the target market into smaller segments. Sephora tries to appeal to women who value quality and are willing to pa... More »

Pepsi's traditional target market is teenagers and young adults, according to Forbes magazine. In that vein, its taglines over the years have included "Live for Now" and the "Pepsi Generation." More »

According to, Gatorade is good for athletes and physically active people. It replenishes the body with water and electrolytes lost during strenuous activity. Gatorade is made with water, fruit flavo... More »

Find information about focus groups in Chicago, Illinois, at by creating a profile and searching for focus groups within the area. also features several focus groups in Chicago. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Marketing & Sales