Designed for wear during yoga or exercises involving stretching and bending, yoga pants are comfortable, versatile pants with elastic waistbands that are often worn outside of the gym. Partially to reflect the push for a... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

Yoga pants are stretchy, comfortable pants that are often paired with hooded sweatshirts, fitted tees or tank tops and worn during athletic activities. When worn with a sweater or ballet flats, yoga pants can also be sui... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

It is generally considered that Ryan McLatchy created yoga pants. These pants evolved from loose-fitting, flowing clothing to the tight, stretch fit commonly found in yoga studios all over the world. More » History Inventions
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Regular yoga practice can induce weight loss just as lifting weights at the gym can help. An improved mindset may be one reason for weight loss from yoga. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

Hot yoga, also known as Bikram yoga, is good for people who are looking to burn more calories and improve flexibility. However, there can also be drawbacks to this kind of yoga if the instructions given by trained instru... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

You can do yoga at home by finding a space in which to practice, getting the necessary equipment, learning basic poses and setting aside time every day. The only equipment needed for yoga is a yoga mat. A block, a strap ... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

A yoga bolster is a yoga accessory used to support the body while doing poses, intensify practice sessions or facilitate stretching. It is usually made of cotton and looks like a cushion with a removable cover. Yoga bols... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga