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take a stand To publicly assert one's unyielding support of, defense of, or opposition to something. I know voicing my opinion on this legislation may put my job in jeopardy, but it's time to take a stand. All the other kids in the class were too afraid to speak out, but Georgina took a stand for what she knew was right. See also: stand, take take a ...

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Take a stand definition is - to express one's opinion. How to use take a stand in a sentence.


Define take the stand. take the stand synonyms, take the stand pronunciation, take the stand translation, English dictionary definition of take the stand. Verb 1. take the stand - give testimony in a court of law testify, bear witness, attest law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority;...


Take A Stand It‘s time to take a stand for Europe, and indeed for the whole world. To create a movement encouraging social cohesion in our society, promoting awareness and tolerance for all cultures, genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, colours and origins.


Take a Stand is a Zootopia fanfic by CreweFox. It can be read both at Tumblr and FanFiction.net, now Archive of Our Own as well.. Zootopia is gripped with civil strife whilst a political storm is brewing. Judy and Nick must be honest with each other, as must Clawhauser and Bogo but events unfold around them that will test their love and their ideals.


The Colorado Springs Philharmonic will: Stand firm with the musicians, guaranteeing their base salary this season, whether concerts occur or not. Stand behind the ticket holders, who will receive full value of their tickets. Stand firm, pledging to return when the time is right. take a stand recovery and musician relief. We need you now more ...


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The Take-A-Stand Project. Results from a Study (@ CDC.gov) conducted by HealthPartners in partnership with Ergotron were nothing short of remarkable—see the infographic below.. Get the message out! This infographic is free to use on any web site with attribution per Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.A flyer is also available as a PDF download.