The California DMV provides online driver's education classes that can be used to obtain a learner's permit. While the 30 hours of classroom instruction can be completed online, to obtain their permit, drivers must also ... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

Drivers in the United States take driver permit tests at their state Department of Motor Vehicles driver license center. Drivers typically obtain a learner's permit when initially learning to drive or when moving to a ne... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

It is not possible to take the test for a learner's permit online, as the actual test is a written paper, as of 2015. Individuals must complete the test at the closest Department of Motor Vehicles location, along with su... More » Vehicles DMV & Records
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Before taking the written DMV learner's permit test, study the driver's manual to learn the rules of the road. You can get one from your DMV office, or you can download a PDF copy to read on your computer. Take practice ... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

Some of the newest California DMV laws as of 2015 include AB 60, which requires DMV offices to issue driver licenses to individuals who present proof of identity and California residency and who pass a written and road t... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

Taking a road signs test to get a learner's driving permit requires you to schedule an appointment with your local DMV and study for the test. In addition to road signs, you need to know basic rules of the road and vario... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

Study for your driver's learner permit test by answering practice tests online. The tests are often available on your state's Department of Motor Vehicle website. Some states also provide a downloadable copy of the drive... More » Vehicles DMV & Records