Take someone to small claims court by preparing a complaint that outlines the issues involved, and file the complaint at the small claims court that holds jurisdiction over the case, as Nolo explains. Anyone wanting to f... More »

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Some common cases in small claims court concern unsatisfactory repair work, loan disputes, failure to return a security deposit and disputes over service contracts, says Nolo. In some states, small claims courts decide a... More »

Monetary disputes of up to $10,000 can be settled in small claims court, advises Nolo. As of 2015, the specific monetary limit ranges from $2,500 in Kentucky and Rhode Island to $10,000 in Wisconsin and California. More »

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To file a small claims case in Fulton County, download the magistrate court statement of claim form from the Fulton County magistrate court website. Include the name and contact details for each individual or business be... More »

The different types of court hearings include those heard by the circuit court, the district court, the small claims court, the probate court, the court of claims, the court of appeals, the supreme court and the bankrupt... More »

Prepare for small claims court by gathering the necessary information or supporting documentation that assists with the case. Many variables exist depending if one is the plaintiff or defendant in the case. Ensure that t... More »

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To file a case in a small claims court, the plaintiff must complete Form SC-100 (Plaintiff's Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court), according to California Courts. In addition, the plaintiff must complete his cour... More »

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