While there are several different "best friend" quizzes around, the common theme is figuring out how close you and your best friend really are. The quizzes range from serious to silly, and can be found on various website... More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games Online Games

You can take an IQ test that is very similar to Mensa's tests at The test is free to take, includes 60 questions and has a time limit of 40 minutes. More » Technology Internet & Networking

There is a great variety of websites where you can take quizzes; for example, Take a Quiz, ProProfs, Zimbio, The Superhero Quiz and Merriam-Webster. These websites have trivia and educational quizzes, as well as personal... More » Education Homework Help Study Skills
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Topic ideas for a letter to a best friend include updates on the writer's life, memories they made together and qualities the writer appreciates about his friend. Including jokes, particularly inside jokes between the tw... More » Education Writing

An ideal gift for a best friend is one that is thoughtful and tailored around the friend's interests and likes. Homemade items and personalized gifts are creative ways to show love and appreciation to a true friend. More » Holidays & Celebrations Gift Giving

According to, some questions that could be on a best friend forever quiz for kids are: "How long have you and your bestie been friends?" and, "What's your absolute favorite thing to do with your BFF?" as well as... More » Hobbies & Games Group Games

The online game "Impossible Quiz" is available to play through sites such as,, and, as of 2015. The game challenges players to use critical thinking skills... More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games Online Games