Proper care of a rabbit requires providing suitable housing, time for exercise, a healthy diet, gentle handling and routine veterinary visits. Rabbits are delicate creatures but can make great pets. More » Pets & Animals Pets

Taking care of a domestic rabbit starts with knowing that the safest place for them is the indoors. Unlike wild rabbits, domestic rabbits do not have the endurance to withstand harsh temperature extremes and are always a... More » Pets & Animals Pets Pet Rabbits

When taking care of a rabbit, feed the rabbit plenty of hay; provide it with a quiet place to sleep and room to play, and socialize with it regularly. Rabbits are very prolific breeders, so separate members of the opposi... More » Pets & Animals Pets Pet Rabbits

Proper teddy bear hamster care tips include cleaning its home, giving ample exercise, giving it plenty to chew on, handling it regularly, feeding it a healthy diet and providing fresh water. In order to keep the hamster ... More » Pets & Animals Pets

A hamster care sheet should include the basics of caring for the pet, including when and how often to feed the hamster, as well as any specific information about your pet, such as food preferences, exercise routines or i... More » Pets & Animals Pets

For good health, a bunny requires an appropriate cage, a healthy diet, the right amount of exercise and routine annual checkups with a veterinarian. Bunnies are delicate creatures and need to be handled gently. More » Pets & Animals Pets

Be sure you can afford a sugar glider before adopting one, as they require a specialized diet and regular care from an exotic animal veterinarian. Do not adopt a single sugar glider; they are colony animals and need to l... More » Pets & Animals Pets