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Szechuan chicken is chicken prepared using techniques from southwestern China's Sichuan province. The most salient features of this cuisine are garlic, chili peppers and Sichuan pepper.


Szechuan chicken is a spicy stir-fried chicken dish of Chinese origin. The chicken is oil-poached or parboiled to make the meat especially tender. Szechuan chicken is often served with white rice.


With its mixture of cayenne pepper, hot sauce, red chilies, ginger, brown sugar and soy sauce, Szechuan chicken has a savory hot and spicy flavor with a touch of sweetness. People who have a tolerance for dishes spiced with hot peppers tend to enjoy this dish. The dish is prepared by stir-frying bon


Szechuan shrimp is a spicy type of Chinese cuisine which originated in the Sichuan, China. This dish is made with the use of chili peppers and garlic.


One of the biggest differences between Hunan and Szechuan cuisine is that Hunan dishes use the seeds and membranes of chili peppers and Szechuan dishes use a chili bean paste. This makes Hunan foods hotter.


Many Chinese restaurants serve a type of oolong tea known as Shui Xian tea. While restaurants serve a relatively cheap form of the tea, the original drink is dark brown in color with a taste reminiscent of honey and peach.


The Chinese New Year begins at the end of the last month of the Chinese calendar, a date that varies every year according to the lunar calendar. The date is typically between mid-January and mid-February on the Gregorian calendar.


Chinese names comprise a given name and a family name. Some common given names include Jing, Chen, Dong, Xue, Zhong, Yi, Li, Xin, Jian, Shou and Fu. The most common family names are Li, Wang and Zhang, followed by Liu, Chen, Yang, Zhao, Huang, Zhou, Wu, Xu, Sun, Hu, Zhu, Gao, Lin, He, Guo and Ma.


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