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Most top-tier devices from major smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG and Motorola are compatible with Ford SYNC, as of May 2015. However, certain phones are only compatible if they're connected to certain wireless networks such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile or Nextel.


Syncing email, calendar dates and contacts on an Android phone happens automatically using Google's servers, but other files such as music must be synced separately. This can be achieved using third-party software, such as Dropbox.


To sync your iPod to your iTunes account on your computer, connect the iPod to your computer. Use iTunes to sync the music, videos, applications and photos that are associated with your iTunes account with your iPod.


Phones compatible with Boost Mobile include Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 5c, ZTE MAX and Sharp AQUOS Crystal. Boost lists 36 phones on its official website for purchase as of April 2015. Select Sprint phones can be ported to Boost Mobile's network at Boost store locations.


Phone brands on the Page Plus network list that are compatible with the system include models from Apple, Blackberry, Casio and HTC, as of 2015. In addition, brands such as LG, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung are compatible. However, not all phones made by these brands are compatible.


TechTerms defines "sync," which is the shortened form of synchronize, as the act of updating files between devices so that these have the most recent version. Syncing an iPhone may require using the iTunes app, the iCloud Drive app, a USB cable or a network connection.


To check if a phone is compatible with T-Mobile's network, visit T-Mobile.com, and select "Bring Your Own Phone" under the "Shop" menu. Select your current phone from the list or use the serial number checker to find out whether the device can be registered with T-Mobile.


To sync an iPhone to your computer, connect the iPhone to your computer via the USB cable that came with the iPhone, and select your iPhone from the iTunes source list. Type a name into the text box next to Name, tick the two check boxes, and then click Done.


Apple makes it easy to sync an iPhone to a new computer using iTunes. With iTunes, you can choose to sync your content either automatically or manually. You can even sync content over Wi-Fi if you use the newest versions of iTunes and iOS.


iPod users can sync music to their devices in iTunes when their iPods are connected to their computers. iPod Touch users can also sync music purchased on iTunes using iCloud.